5 thoughts on “DOWNLOADS

  1. Hey thank for the jams and spittin truth. I promise when I get my money I’m gonna but up all your shit and support the resistance along with Atma, Beast 1333 and Sick Since. Keep it up. I share the real underground hip hop all I can because the message is in the music. I’m doing the best I know how to aid in the fight. Much love and respect my friend.

  2. I’ve just discover your music.
    Like your style, flow ans beats. I’m a french Hip-Hop Dj an can tell that your Dj is really good, I also like the scratchs from your songs .
    So I’ve signed up to follow you.

    Actually I’m “DjamHellVice” ‘s Dj, a french Hardcore Hip_Hop group and on February the 12, we’ve made a show on first part at theBataclan (Paris) with Outerspace, Dilated People, Jedi Mind Tricks and GZA from Wu Tang. It was great !, you can find some videos on youtube, searching for “DjamHellVice”. You can also watch their first video clip : “Entree en matiere”.

    Do not hesitate to leave comments…

    Hope you’re fine and maybe we’ll meet one day ?

    Musically yours

    Dj Reska from France

    PS: my website is relatively empty, in construction because my first album is coming soon (about May 2012) and I’ll make it totally new.

  3. Hi Yusuf, your sounds are heavy, loud, I like it ! Take a look on my wall, good productions too. Hope you’ll enjoy ? Musically yours, Dj Reska (Richard Goulet) from France. PS : If you need (want) beats do not hesitate to call me… Peace Love and Unity !

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