Album Cover [Front]

01. The Garden Path Intro
02. Blacklisted
03. My Life Ft. Teva Valentine
04. Prisoners of War Ft. Debt Collectors
05. Commercial Genocide
06. Demon in the Vapour Ft. Baliztik & PHD
07. Fight Club Ft. DJ SMV
08. Stand your Ground Ft. Teva Valentine
09. Wake Up Ft. Debt Collectors
10. The Jinn in the Mirror
11. Underground Koalition Ft. Sullee J, Joey B & Vibe
12. Sleepwalkers
13. Questions
14. Worldwide Warfare Ft. Raiza Biza & Teva Valentine
15. What you Do
16. Song for my Mother
17. For my People Ft. Rimes, Aldin & Billions
18. Boom Bap Ft. The Voyce, 9th Dan & Big O
19. Sippin’ Ft. Devolo
20. Bosnian Dragons [Bonus]



Dirty Bombs Vol.2 Official - small

  1. Dirty Bombs Intro
  2. Bloodshed
  3. Secrecy Ft. GodMode & Hash
  4. Danger! [Jaxxon Cassidy Remix]
  5. Stand Up [Fight Back]
  6. Hitmen For Hire Ft. Mareko
  7. Worldwide Warfare [Interlude]
  8. Aint Sayin Nada [Prod By: Fundament]
  9. The Roadless Travel Ft. Charles Harmer
  10. NZ To NY Ft. Sammy Gallows, Tyson Tyler, Sean Strange, Godmode & Meth Mouth
  11. The Revolution [Interlude]
  12. Masters of the World Ft. BeeYouDee & DJ Phak
  13. Bring the Rawkus Ft. Nohokai & PDG [Trilian Remix]
  14. Sigo Firme [Interlude]
  15. Echelon [Trilian Remix]




“Classified Intelligence” Released: 27/07/2011

01. Intro
02. Conspiracy of Silence Ft. Vinnie Paz
03. Danger
04. Made in Bosnia
05. Hitmen For Hire Ft. Mareko
06. I’m a Balkan Ft. Slicc & Aone
07. Radical Rebellion
08. Echelon
09. More Than Music Ft. Tyson Tyler, GodMode & Sammy Gallows
10. The Iceman Chronicles
11. Guerilla News
12. Stargate Travellers
13. Sheeple Ft. Cyphanetik
14. The Bigger Picture
15. World Gone Mad [Interlude]
16. World Gone Mad Ft. Frenkie
17. Zionist Agenda
18. Fundamentalz Ft. Flowz
19. The New Age Ft. King David, Nohokai & Sick Since
**. Vagrants Ft. KP [Bonus Cut]

Run Time: 66 min 06 Sec

All Beats Produced By: Junior Makhno
All Scratches By: DJ Trickalome




Released December 2010


01.Arkham Asylum
03.Battlefield.(prod by Nate D)
05.Look Around
06.Shook ones
07Hostile Takeover (prod by Sicknature)
08.Lockdown (Interlude)
09.Silverback Rap
10.Deep Cover
11.More Than Music (prod by Junior Makhno)
12.New World Order
13.Dead In My Eyes
14.Injustice League (prod by 44)
15.Madmen Movement
16.Lardi Dardi (prod by Exile)







1. Intro
2. Heavy Hitters Ft. Beast 1333
3. Mujahideen Chronicles Ft. Abu Nurah
4. The Threat [Skit]
5. New World Order Ft. BasicOne
6. The Remedy Ft. KP
7. Voice of God
8. The Take over Ft. FourD
9. Wild Wild West Ft. BasicOne
10. Change Gonna Come [Prod By: Junior Makhno]
11. Revive Your Life [Prod By: Junior Makhno]
12. Break Ya Neck
13. Old School Ft. Beba Duh


The Sacred Doctrine [2009]

Track List:

1. Intro
2. The Report
3. Be A Man Feat. E-Magik
4. The TakeOver Feat. FourD & DJ Trickalome
5. Free Palestine
6. Wild Wild West Feat. BasicOne & DJ Trickalome
7. The Kick Off
8. Radio Interlude
9. Mujahideen Chronicles Feat. Abu Nurah & DJ Trickalome
10. Hip Hop WorldWide Feat. FourD
11. The New World Order Feat. BasicOne & DJ Trickalome
12. Dosta Je Feat. Blok-B
13. Voice Of God Feat. DJ Trickalome
14. Marz Interlude
15. Underground Bomb Feat. FourD
16. Old School Feat. Beba Duh & DJ Trickalome
17. Raw Deal Feat. Ayman (Palestinian Rapperz) & Mohamed El Baz
18. Put it Down
19. Iz Tudjine Feat. Denno & DJ Centrix
20. Heart Bleeds (Interlude)
21. BHF Feat. Kadafi Army & Ness
22. Hip Hop WorldWide Feat. FourD (Dave Bee Remix)
23. Wake The F**k Up! (Outro)


The Psy-Op Mixtape [2008]

Track List:

1. DJ Dave Lad Intro
2. Let us Live Ft. Mahmood (From DAM) & DJ Centrix
3. Wise Up !
4. Epitome Of Illness Ft. Emir KA, Orakle & DJ Dave Lad
5. Q-Unique Interlude
6. We Demand The Truth
7. Break Ya Neck Ft. DJ Trickalome
8. Blood Money Ft. Frenkie
9. Marz Interlude
10. Srebrenica (Never Again)
11. Mamma Dont Cry
12. Brotherhood and Unity Ft. Comrade 2Face & DJ Dave Lad
13. Genocide Alerts
14. El-Gant Interlude
15. The Remedy Ft. KP & DJ Trickalome
16. Whats Wrong With The World Ft. Torcha & SQZ
17. Sleeper Cellz Ft. Beba Duh & Dino KA
18. Elimination
19. Saints and Sinners
20. Justice League Ft. Orakle, Jay Roacher, Comrade 2Face & DJ Trickalome
21. Bury me in Bosnia Ft. Agent I
22. Guided By Angels
23. Yugoslavia Ft. Comrade 2Face
24. My Ummah + (Outro)



Tales From the Asylum

1. Intro Ft. Torcha
2. Calm before the storm Ft. DJ Dave Lad
3. Balkan Linkz Ft. PDG, 2Face & Crazy Guzi
4. Beware Ft. Murdera
5. Combat
6. Close Your Eyes Ft. 2Mad
7. Freedom [The Escape]
8. Me and the Mic
9. Eastern Block
10. Balkan Entity
11. Sin Diss
12. Street Life
13. Put it Down [Interlude]
14. Zombies
15. Underground Hip Hop
16. Balkan Party Ft. Beba Duh
17. Never Surrender [Prod By: Kehnzo]
18. Nastava je Pocela Ft. Beba Duh, Admian & Vedo Nerva
19. Reflect and Reminsce
20. Memories of No Escape
21. Cream of the Crop Ft. Aone
22. Bring it on
23. Refugee Syndrome



front cover

1. Declaration of War [Speech]
2. Memories of No Escape
3. Crime Lords Ft. 2Mad
4. Back with a Vengeance
5. Eastern Block
6. The Icon [Interlude]
7. Eyes on the Prize
8. Terrorize
9. Balkan
10. Better Days
11. Young Racketeer
12. Exile
13. Sniper
14. Acts of Murder
15. Blade Ebonics
16. The Roadless Travel
17. Outro





 Silverback gang is a NZ Hip Hop Collective which is made up of: Genocide, Mareko, Tyson Tyler

Sammy Gallows, GodMode, Fact, Flowz, Koma, SMV, Tyna Usoljah, Nikki Montant, J.B, Sike One & Misk

Genocide Songs on the Mixtape are:

12. Genocide Ft. Flowz – Fundamentals

13. Genocide Ft. Mareko – Hitmen For Hire



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